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The Ultimostile website and youtube channel is all about embracing the full complexity of owning a classic Italian Sports Car - and using it!
I try my best to present everything as readily usable while still retaining the full value and quality ... and if YOU get it, I love it.

I have been driving Alfa Romeos since 1996; I started out with an Alfa 33 1.7 16V which is a very sporting car. I loved everything about the car ... except the fact that it always had one or two details that didn't work.

In 1999 I purchased my 2000 GT Veloce; a car I thought I would never be able to afford owning. But it is really good quality.
I have also owned an Alfa 164 2.0 TS for a couple of years. It was a lovely Grand Tourer but was eventually replaced with another 33 16V.

Then I moved to Sweden for a couple of years. Cars are cheap over there (or rather: not as heavily taxed as in Denmark) so I bought myself an Alfa 166 3.0 V6. Apart from my Bertone it is the best car I ever owned.
When I moved back to Denmark I took the 166 with me and registered it here, but I replaced it with a Mito 1.3 JTDm in 2010. A very nice car indeed.

In 2013 I purchased a race-spec Giulietta Sprint and it is my intention to build an SV for historic racing in the FIA pre-1961 series.

I am of 1966 vintage myself, and educated in Mechanical Engineering.