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August 06, 2012


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Klaus Hahn

Perhaps they should have prepared their cars a little better, heating problems, gears falling apart, engine misfires etc. in order to do better than just survive however the cars survived ! :-)
which cannot be said about an Alfa TZ from the Århus race.

Liam Rode

Thanks for the advice mister, we really appreciate your encouraging words.

Nr. 127

Klaus Hahn

Liam, it was mostly meant as a comment to the "survival part" and CPH versus Århus, - with a twist of irony (which perhaps is not too obvious).
Actually I really enjoyed seeing GTAm's back in Copenhagen and I think they all had an incredible good and powerfull sound. Some years ago we had a lot of Alfa's but tough competition from Escorts & Cortinas seems to have reduced the numbers. I will encourage you to come back and I promise you I will support you all the way as a true Alfisti ;-)
Kind Regards, Klaus.

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