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September 17, 2012


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Marco Siena

I am not that sure about that registration, Per. I more likely seem it is an old Italian plate from the province of Imperia, a town about 120 kms west of Genoa, in Liguria. Nice period pic, anyway.

Klaus Hahn



@Marco: yes I suppose you know better how the old italian number plates looked.
@Klaus: yes that is exactly the helmet I bought for myself last summer ... see the post from yesterday ;)

Jan Paustian

That could very well be Ada Pace who during the 50'es raced numerous Giuiettas often prepared by 'The sorcerer of Turin' Virgilio Conrero, one of the more famous of Italys many independent 'preparistas' in the early postwar years.


That's very interesting Jan. I have been desperate to find out who she could be! She definitely has style :)


She would be 35 years old in 1959


It seems the woman is: (according to Bjarke Aujsbjorn a.k.a. Touring "Alma Cacciandra , was a well-known Woman racing driver back in the late 50 ties up to 1964, where she started in Copper InterEuropa at Monza in a Giulia . And she was 10th in the class up to 2000 ccm. Was it a special engine?????. Difficult to accept that there was no class up to 1600ccm.
She was primary racing Giulietta Sprint and SZ, with a lot of noticeable results"


Another one in the know: "sprint58" from states "It's Piera Bertoletti on the circuit of Innsbruck in 1958. In those days it was completely acceptable to race in this kind of outfit"

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