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December 24, 2012


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You may want to look into the FIA rulebook again. Making a competitive Giulia GT is not an option on a budget:
1600 GTA: competitive, expensive
1600 GT: can be "cheap" - but not competitive
1300 GTA: competitive, really expensive
1300 GT: cheap, certainly not competitive

I have been there myself and come to the same two budget alternatives as som many before me:
Competitive alternative: 2000GT in 71-class. You can use the GTAm-homologation that allows for a range of goodie-tweaks. Pick the cheap ones, skip the expensive ones. Make a semi-competitive at a reasonable prize (like Dezzi).

65-class alternative: 1600GT. It is cooler to race the 65-class. It opens doors to all the "real" classic races at Spa, Nürburgring, etc, in which the 2000 will be too new. Not really cheap, and not competitive, but the right class.

But hey; the plan is cool - just dont expect to challenge anything but the bottom part of the grid.


Thanks Alfista; I appreciate input from you guys who have been there! And I'm glad that we agree on the alternatives.

Until yesterday, when I looked up the production dates in my Alfabible, I actually thought it was possible to run a 1300cc in the 1965 class. So while writing the blogpost I arrived at the 1600 Sprint GTV alternative as the most viable ... competitive or not; it is good style.


It definitely is - and we all know that style is important above anything else :) However; really cheap a 1600GT is not. I hate to be a party pooper, but historic racing isnt really a budget sport any more - admission fees have doubled since I raced 4 years ago.

If and when I should ever go racing again, I think I would go for af GiuliaTI, cheap, low spec. I wouldnt bother much for the danish race series - too little racetime for too much money. Instead I would focus on two or three yearly races abroad; Spa, Nürburgring, dutch Alfa series at Zandvoort. I would focus on having the car reliable rather than fast, and take in the atmosphere and race experiences at the not-so-competitive but friendly bottom end of the grid :)

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