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January 14, 2013


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Klaus Hahn


Sorry i can't help you out, but the car is very nice!


Hey per,

I am following your blog for some time now, and your doing an excellent job if I may say so.
I think I read through your entire blog in about three days.

Your videos are also excellent.
I like your dry humor and you can really feel the passion you have for your car through the videos.

The Mille Miglia trip was a joy to watch. (although it was a bit sort ;-))
The real joy of watching these videos was feeling the enjoyment and excitement you and gert had while driving.
I hope you "DO" bring your camera while driving the next Mille Miglia, so we can see another great video of this spectacle.

Keep up the good work.

If your not already bought the car from Mr. Poulson you might take a look at this car.

It has already got FIA dossier and FIVA papers.
Don't know if it is exaclty like it should be, but your the expert;-)

Best regards,



Hi Sander, thank you for the polite review!
I have actually been in contavt with the belgian alfista with the yellow car - or rather one of my classico friends knew him already and did the investigation. It is a 1750cc engine and the whole car is optimized for rally. So I dont get the FIA/FIVA part ?!?
Per Einarsson


I wonder why they mensioned this in the advert.
I though the advert was slightly mysterious, without mensioning the engine type, but you'll never know until you ask.

It's a pitty, it looked like a nice opportunity.

Good luck finding your racer!

grtz Sander

Charlie - MOT Castle Bromwich

You have to love the classic interior!

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