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January 03, 2013


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Klaus Hahn

Honest ..., the wheels and tyres are all wrong, it should be Dunlop Racing CR65
on GTA 14" wheels in this case. Depending on year of car it could also be 15" TZ wheels (with the oval "holes").
It looks more like a track day car than a period correct historic racer.


Yes, true. But that's just because the photo is from to 400km marathon on Nurby at the oldetimer GP. They don't follow the FIA rules as strictly I suppose ...

Klaus Hahn

They dont follow any App.K. rules.
This could be a clean candidate, but still with wrong tyres:


But the Spa 6H follows FIA app K rules - and I think it makes best sense to build a car in compliance.

Re: car prices ... the cars are cheaper in the UK than in Germany, Holland and Scandinavia ... are they in worse condition?

Klaus Hahn

Probably not, they have just misplaced the steering wheel, but at some tracks this could be an advantage ...

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