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January 07, 2013


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Isnt that the car you already have....?


LOL you're right ... I bought the wrong car back in 1999!! I just didn't know. If I had bought a 1965 car, and it was spec'ed like my own car is now, I could go racing *yikes*

But with a 155 bhp (and heavy) 2000 GT Veloce I will be RUN OVER in the 1971 class (or 1976 class abroad.



I am not getting it. You dont want a racecar, but a car with relative comfort and license plates - thats the car you already have? What will you get with yet another one like that? The romantic dream of a racecar that can be used on the street is - well; a dream. At least if you want it to be competitive, which it wont be if it has relative comfort. Then youve got what you already have; a fast roadcar, but not at racecar.

Alfista, the partypooper


RELATIVE comfort ;)
My present car is LUXURIOUS.

I just want it to look good - not a messy stripped out wreck.
Sempre ultimostile - you know what I mean ...

Klaus Hahn

You could also buy the Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 TI - 1967 from Stelvio. It's cheaper.
My previous Guilia racer is race-ready and for sale with Herluf in Esbjerg for 150t kr.


The Giulia 1300 TI was introduced in 1965 (900 cars produced) ... absolutely viable :)

It could run against the up-to-1300cc cars in the 1965 class. Good idea Klaus!

The car at Stelvio (12,000 EUR) has been retro-fitted with a 2.0-litre engine and an LSD rear end, though.

And I am not a Berlina-man ... it doesn't have the required ultimostile ... I think ... not as much as a Sprint, at least. hmmmm ???!?

Klaus Hahn

Then this could be a good cheap start:

Klaus Hahn

or this one:

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