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February 03, 2013


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michael williams

congratulations! And what will become of the GTV?


The GTV? ... i dunno ... neglect?!
Not likely, but it will be spared the next few seasons, I think ...

Klaus Hahn

TILLYKKE ! og god arbejdslyst :-)


Tak :)
Ja, nu begynder det.
Men første skridt er jo at beslutte sig.

Jørn Madsen

Tillykke Per.
Glæde mig til at se (og høre) nogle fede video'er med det røde lyn.


Hi Per,

Congratulations with your Guilietta.
You probaply already know it, but here a link to a nice blog.
On te blog it self are some extra links to other blogs.

You will find great technical information, pictures and movies on these sites.

Great for getting new ideas, if you haven't got enough already for your new car.

Enjoy your new car,

gtrz Sander


Oh yeah a fantastic blog ... thanks for sharing!
I didn't know it.
There's many hours worth of reading and watching photos and videos.


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