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February 05, 2013


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Lars R. Nissen

Douglas Adams has much to answer for ... :-)


... and he did!

Klaus Hahn

Film job ? Italien Job !
Are you going to the movies ? :-)


I seem to recollect a certain blogger bitchin about bad helmetstyles in historic racing..... Makes me think: a filmjobbed Giulietta? Certainly not very historically correct, and most definitely bad taste (just take a look at the matt-black 356 from Fox Racing...) You can do a lot better than that, Per - and congrats on the wonderful car btw! :D


Yes the filming is - as Alfista suggests - a shrink-wrap tin-coloured foil - not a spaghetti-western.
Film may not be period - but style is king! And if it looks "plastic" or rat-rod .. ?!?
Then I wont do it.
Relax :) I'm just weighing the options ...

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