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October 31, 2013


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Been following your blog for a few weeks and really enjoy it. Als for the diff: I'd go for the 9 pinion if I were you. The 10 will probably be gutless in fourth, and the 8 might be a bit frantic when used on the road.

Whatever you go for, keep up the good work and dont sell the GTV ;-)


Hey thanks Sebastiaan. I think you're right. Especially when the road practicality is taken into account. If only the car could run with five gears ... hen everything would be much easier ;)
And regarding the GTV: I have experienced SO MUCH in that car; I won't part with it ever! It's my specialized toy car now. Very much customized, but still "quite" original ...

Allan Winther

Consider the use of the car. I will make a engine to max 8000 rpm and use the 9/41 dif combination.

You donĀ“t want a high reving engine to 9000 rpm. It is only for race use. And its not nice to use in the traffic.

No, find some cams to max 8000 rpm. The deliver a more flexibel power band, for your use.


Yes, I agree. 9000 rpm seems very exhilarating for a race car. It would make a lovely sound for the spectators. But driving from Copenhagen to Spa would be painful. Not GT-man at all :)
I do think the sport has gone berserk in hot-rodding the old sports cars ...

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