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February 25, 2014


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Michael Williams

Or god verdomme! (Dutch). One of my favorite cuss words. Transmissions are as you say, precision devices but with simple care they are not that hard to rebuild correctly. Sad to see.


Thanks for the support Michael. The gearbox is now reassembled ... It actually was yesterday, but then the (all new) front bearing on the layshaft FROZE because a ball jammed?!?

So now it has been disassembled, has had a new (the old one) bearing ... and NOW it's finished.

Damn the Chinese and their total lack of ethics!

Alex T

Per - I have all of these bearings, new old stock FAG and RIV (etc). Perfect condition and will not fall apart. Why bother using the rubbish made in China? They have been advertised on the AlfaBB for at least three years but everybody just buys from commercial suppliers ... and then the problems start. Let me know if I can help. Alex.

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