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February 15, 2014


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Did you see the racings seats in te SVZ in the latest C&S car.
Those are Berni Motori seats aren't they?
They look splendid!

Did you already made up your mind about the seats?
I remember you asked a price quote for the Berni seats.


No, I haven't read the new C&SC - but I did see that they were driving an SZ (coda tronca?) From the ad in the last magazine, it looked like one of the silver ones that Alfaholics restored recently.

And yes I have an offer from Berni Motori in Italy, and from Greig Smith in RSA, and prices from GTS Coppa in the US.

My idea is to buy two seats from either of the above, and a bucket carbon seat from Tillet ... but let's see? ...

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