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March 14, 2014


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Hello Per.
I'm Chris, from France, Normandy.
I'm really fan of your Bertone 2.0. My grand Father had the same in the seventies.
Thanks a lot for this blog.

Have a nice day.


Dave Mitchell

Hi Per, I have over the past few years seen many of the videos you have made of your 2L 105 GTV, and always been impressed with how well your cars goes and sounds.

I too had until late last year a GTV ('69 1750) which I had owned for 11 years. I swapped it for a '69 Giulia 1300 TI. The Giulia though is essentially a Giulia Super as it has the trim of a Super and a 1600 in it. I also have another Super (restoration project), as well as having owned a 2L Berlina and a couple of Alfettas in the past. My current daily driver is a '03 156 sportwagon. I also have a restored '69 Fiat 124 sport (AC), that I have owned for 34 years. I am very impressed with your Ultimostile videos and agree, that such classic Italian cars do need to be used and enjoyed as much as possible.

Your Mille Miglia video is a case in hand, what a great trip you guys had. Cheers Dave (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia).


Hi Dave

I'm glad you like what I do! It's a passion - and it's huge fun. But it really matters when people like it :)

My GTV is very good. I've been talking about it with my mechanic; and it's maybe as good as it CAN get. Obviously there's an Alfaholics-layer up near the stratosphere, but for an everyday fast road car that can also show it's worth on a place like the Nürburgring - it IS as good as it gets.

I must say, it's quite a collection of Alfas you got there (and the Fiat, sry) and they are excellent choices in my opinion. And with the marvelous 156 in the stylish SW design - you are a lucky guy.



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