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July 07, 2014


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Hi PEr,

Great trip and great video (as always)!

But.... ;-)

I cannot help but ask how you feel about the apparent disconnect between doing everything in style (great!) but at the same time driving around with a gopro camera stuck to your head (maybe not so great, style-wise), is the footage worth the sacrifice in style? Or should the camera maybe go back, hiding on the rollbar?

Keep it up with making these great videos and using your car as it was intended to. There are way too many classics leading sheltered lives hidden away in garages.



Yes, I am so ashamed. It's bad style :( But you are right; I prefer the helmet cam position. I have a clamp on the roll bar crossmember also, but it doesn't have the same ACTION.

I will have to find a better solution .... hmmm ....


In the pursuit of style ánd action, maybe one of the very small "bullet" type cams can be used, stuck to the side of your helmet, feeding a hidden recorder? That way, you could have both the (previously helmet-mounted) rollbar cam and the helmet cam... More's better, right? ;-)

Also, don't take this comment too seriously, I love what you are doing with your cars. Is the Bertone already back up and running?

Hans Straus

Great films and a great trip! Impressive how you solved the problem with the steering. Do you have new trips in mind? Maybe on your next trip we could meet and have a chat. I own a 1972 Giulia Super and have been to the Mille Miglia with it. Next time I will drive the course like you did. Seems like a great adventure. I was only a spectator but I should have driven it like you, because it is on open roads...


Oh yes the Mille Miglia :)
I plan to go in a few years in my Giulietta SV,
I will go MAX speed the whole way.
It will be huge fun and the locals will love it!

I just need to obtain the route - so I can put it in my GPS.

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