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December 11, 2014


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Nice choice!

Love the two-tone paint on the car.
Very special and nice for a classic car.

The suicide doors on the prototype are great.
A pity they didn't make it to the production version.


Yes the Florida is just fantastic.

I can usually find an altenative from Alfa Romeo, but not this time. When I have the money ... then, maybe, I will change my mind and buy an Alfa Romeo. But not a 1950-1960s 4-door; here the Lancia is just the best alternative.

Dave Mitchell

A most interesting choice Per, my brother has a Pininfarina GT, but as it is a restoration project, neither he or I have yet to have had a drive in it. I am wondering just how many of these cars are left.

A possible and slightly more practical/achievable option could be say a Fiat 130 sedan. Again like the Lancia, the derivative 130 coupe is gorgeous. I had a 130 sedan for a couple of years but sold it back to my brother. He has something like 3 130 sedans and 3 coupes.

A small number of 130s came in manual though most were auto. Sadly so many rusted away, but if you can find a good one, they are sublime cruising sedans, and with the light power steering dead easy to drive. Fuel consumption is definitely a little high, but the grumbling 3.2L V6, especially with the original twin exhaust is a superb note.


Well, the Fiat 130 doesn't convince me, and the Lancia IS in another league AND it is from a more exciting period. Good suggestion, though. Thanks.


Have you though about the B10's?
Not as gourgeous and sleek as the B20GT's but still a pretty car.

And you where actualy looking for a four door saloon.

Now with a substancial price reduction.
Be quick and buy your self a nice christmas present ;-)


Not bad at all. I actually think it is very stylish. And I could enter it for the Mille Miglia! Just driving along the route would be something. It has the V6 and at 24500€ it's reasonably priced. I does look to be in good order :)

But alas; I don't have the money just yet :(


Just stumbled across this one while browsing for cars.

Nice price!

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