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April 02, 2015


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Cannot say that I understand the explanation, but I know the feeling from my Ducati Monster: you literally have to throw it into corners to make the most of it - a leap of faith, but once practiced on track it's the only way to go ..

Does the app work for two wheelers also?


yeah, I can picture putting a Monster in the groove for a high speed bend. With the heavy torque from the V2.

The app is only for 4-wheelers though ...

Joao Vale

I've been meaning to do a similar study to my GT Junior.

Your explanation helped a lot to clear out some doubts I had and the way you've measured the car was great! Loved the center line and bathroom scales!

What do you think about lowering the engine mounts? It could help to control the "broom wiggle" without causing harm...


That would also implicate lowering the gearbox and changing the line of the propshaft ...
The gain from geometry change has more impact!
Autodelta homologated 'knuckle raisers' for the GTA.

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