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November 17, 2015


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Claus Ebberfeld

Scary reading! Plain scary.

I never do the sums.


I know, Claus. I shouldn't ... :(

But Im a sucker for the truth :)



You only live once Per, enjoy it to the fullest.
I'll "try" to do the same.
If you can afford it, why not?
You're blog and way of live have been very inspirational to me and i guess a lot of other readers/followers.

Keep u the good work!


Thank you for the kind words, Sander.
It's not exactly ruining me, but it does keep me away from buying the Flaminia ... I can't imagine what RACING will cost!?!
But you are right - I only live once :)


Jacob Bengtsson

Read the posts under the new Petrolicious-video... You and the Giulietta are becomming famous ;-)


Yes :) wonderful, and a very good film as well ...

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