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January 29, 2017


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Anders Prip

Well Per, no wonder most of the guys you are racing with are self employed. They have their company and business partners to pick up the tab. You need a sponsor I guess; a Longstone Tyres sticker maybe and have you charged Magneti Marelli for the exposure ;-)

I would enjoy your Youtube channel, even if there is less racing.

See you my friend

Per Holmen

Keep on keeping on - end of story ;-)

Don Martin

I was wondering – is it any point in just being entertained? When I look at your great film (with the creatively combined films in the hill-climb!) I see someone experiencing real passion with the wonderful alfa induction noise while balancing the little Giulietta on the edge. A true gentleman racer with a tent on the roof-rack on the racing car, meeting real people, real cars, real fun and not the pixled version of it that never can replace the experience. I bet you spilled some real blood too (bruising your nuckles). I am envious because I am not in a position to have the real experience now. I have had it - I remember the smells, the sounds, the vibrations, the sense of precision exiting a long off camber curve. Hopefully I will have it again someday, while I know most people never can. I am also indebted that you share this with us and by that increasing the intellectual level of the internet – so badly needed these days. Sure, one can do films with a big budget, but real passion is priceless and involves some thrashing and over-revving.

Don Martin

Another important topic: What should be done to beat those superfast minis? Teflon spray on their tires?


A full lifetimes worth of classic automotive experiences crammed into one short and amazing year - and all at the discount price of euro 11,500. Seems a bargain to me!
Keep at it Per - you're an inspiration to the majority of us... ;-)


Hey guys, thanks for the support :)
I suppose it can become a bit gloomy from time to time. I love when people get the idea - and you guys sure do!

I cannot stop, and I love the car. And when Steffen is finished with the engine and all .... I will faint, pause - and start all over again.

See you out there :)




I think you produce great content on your webpage and youtube channel.
You do all this cool stuff and all within a reasonable budget (except for last year that is XD) and that’s what makes it attractive for me.
It make me feel more connected.
You set reasonable goals each of us could reach if we would really want it.
Love your DIY jobs as you just seem to fuck up the way I do myself :)
Hell, you even made me buy my first oldtimer after debating about it for more then 20 years, so you must be doing something right.

As Anders mentioned above, a sponsor would be a nice step in the right direction, use Patreon or do whatever you want, but keep it down to earth, because that is what makes it attractive for me and most of us I believe.

Keep up the great work!

Peter Breidenbach

Dear Per,

It is clear, with the expenditure you float with such devotion and enthusiasm, borders are reached sometime.
You love how many of your Follower,
the smell of the unmistakeable mixture from Transmission Oil, exhaust gases and petrol in the interior of every
classical alphas. In addition the brilliant sound and the feeling of strength with honest technology. All that makes
addicted and allows to bring to every infected big victim.
Also I am connected already for many years to this hobby, I have invested countless hours and many thousands of euros.
Of course not in the form and sum like you, but everybody must find out his borders.
I am glad every spring to get my carriage from the sleep, to screw something and to have the feeling simply again.

Maybe you reduce a little bit your Running activities, fun and joy in the screw and driving has. Or find a Sponsor
I hope you find your way,

Best regards from Germany



Thanks guys, it warms my automotive heart :)
Good to hear from fellow sufferers LOL

The trouble with sponsorship is of course - that I will have to commit to what I promise ;)



Hi Per,

Like others said, keep on at it. But to maybe offer a slightly differing opinion: don't seek sponsorship and get stuck in even deeper. Like you said: you then need to be committed to racing & results and I don't think that is what you are looking for, is it? Take a step back, try to do more of the engineering / expensive stuff yourself and explore that side of classic cars. There's a whole new skill set to be gained, it'll be cheaper (well, you can at least try to convince yourself it may be ;-)) and just as enjoyable!

As for the total season cost: still much, much cheaper than a divorce!


Hi Sebastiaan, I get it :)

But I have tried doing my own repairs and workshop - I am not skilled enough. My cars deteriorate when I attend to them myself.

I know some people get a lot of exciting time out of doing these things themselves - but it drains me ... it doesn't fuel me :)


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