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March 13, 2017


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That's just brilliant!
I sure wish I had a video of a previous owner of one of my classics telling tales and racing it around Holmen. What a character Giulietta-Frank was...
Always fun re-visiting events and meets that we attended back in the day. I think I'll now go dig out my own old-school paper pictures from CCCC at Holmen in 2000... ;-) Wasn't that he year where Stoltze t-boned a BMW 2002 in his big and powerful Mustang?


Yes, neat, right?!

Actually Stolze did NOT ram the BMW (it was a Bertone Alfa, actually), on the contrary; he ran his Mustang into the hay bales on purpose - avoiding the "BMW 2002".


You're right of course Per - there was a Bertone involved in the t-boning. I just remember seeing the thoroughly wrecked 2002 in the paddock. Wasn't a pretty sight...

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