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April 15, 2019


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I would consider that dialed in well, enough so that Steffan maybe offered a cheeky smile or 2? Great job. Curious what the afr gauge was showing in the higher rpms between the emulsion tubes, and or if it was all about on road testing.


The final tune ended up with AFR between 11.4 and 12.0 all th way through the high revs :)

Paul Franks

I converted my 83 Spider from FI to dual Weber DCOE carbs. below are my carb settings but having a tuning issue. WOT is around 13 on the AFR. idle is around 12 on the AFR. the problem is as soon as I give it a little gas, it seems to go rich and stumble for a split second. Any suggestions on my jetting to fix that issue. also cruising at 2.5K rpm is very good in 4th gear. my car also has 10:1 Motronic pistons 12mm intake and 11mm exhaust cams.

1. Modified Choke Tubes: 33.5mm
2. Main Jets: 135
3. Air Corrector Jets: 190
4. Emulsion Tubes: F-16
5. Idle Jets: 55 F8
6. Pump Jets: 40
7. Accelerator Jets: .40

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